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Profilen PTFE Thread

Lenzing Profilien PTFE Sewing ThreadLogo Thread

Profilen® PTFE sewing thread is a high-performance PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene)
thread for marine and outdoor products.

Benefits of using Profilen PTFE sewing thread:

  • Virtually unaffected by sunlight (UV) or nature's harsh elements
  • Resistant to microorganisms
  • Resistant to pollution and most chemicals
  • Stain and water repellent "lotus-effect"
  • Designed to run smoothly through machines,
    the transition from stationary to sliding motion takes place without a jerk
  • Extreme resilience and flexibility, even at low temperatures
  • Free of heavy metals and other hazardous additives
  • Non flammable (LOI 95%)
  • Profilen PTFE is virtually indestructible in most applications –
    designed to outlast the fabric it is sewn into

With Lenzing PROFILEN® threads you are always on the safe side!

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