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What is Keder?

Keder consists of two parts: a core and fabric. The core is made from extruded PVC, or another elastic material, to allow flexibility.
The core is then wrapped in Keder fabric, which has exposed fibers on the outside to allow the Keder to easily slide into an extrusion
with a luff groove – keder track. It has coating on the inside, to ensure proper adhesion during welding.

What is keder used for?

Keder is attached to fabric to create a continuous water proof connection between fabric and frame. Keder is used in a variety of applications
including both permanent & semi-permanent tents & structures, banners, building wraps, facades, awnings, curtains and marine products.

Single, Double, Repair or Welded Flap? How do I know which style of keder to use?

There is really no “correct” answer for this, it is a personal choice based on your project.
However, we recommend using specific styles for certain applications.

Single Flap Keder
Awning, banner & canopy industries, unless the keder will be continuously exposed to outdoor elements,
then we recommend Double Flap Keder for extra protection.

Double Flap Keder
Tenting & structure, industrial curtain, pool cover, tarpaulin and trampoline industries.

Welded Flap Keder
Marine industry. The welded flap keder MUST be sewn onto fabric.
The majority of marine companies use welded flap keder rather than welding themselves.

How is keder welded to fabric?

The method for welding keder to fabric depends on the style that is being used.
Double flap keder is generally welded using a radio-frequency welder due the fact that, three layers of fabric are welded at the same time.
However, Single flap keder can be welded using wedge welders or hot air welders, requiring only a simple overlap weld. Keder can also be sewn to fabric.






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