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Phifer - Sheerweave 2000
PHIFER SHEERWEAVE 2000 Natural light can enhance the function of any room with proper sun management. Phifer’s SheerWeave fabrics are designed to provide high performing solutions to the sun’s harsh rays. Phifer's range of sun control fabrics reduce solar heat gain, protect against dama..
Phifer - Sheerweave 3000
PHIFER SHEERWEAVE 3000 Combining vinyl coated fiberglass and polyester yarns, Style 3000 is woven into a unique rib weave for a distinct look and color pallet. The 14% openness of Style 3000 lets in more natural light while providing excellent outward visibility. Style 3000 can also be used in exte..
Phifer - Sheerweave 4500
PHIFER SHEERWEAVE 4500 Using advances in polyester yarn development, Style 4500 is thinner, lighter weight vinyl coated polyester fabric. Woven in a 2x2 basketweave, this fabric is ideal for applications where a more opaque and non-directional fabric is needed. Natural light can enhance the functi..
Phifer PetScreen Mesh
PHIFER PetScreen Mesh    Phifer PetScreen, pet-resistant insect screening, is tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas, PetScreen installs like regular insect screening. PetScreen is excellent for use in patio and porch enclos..
Phiferglass 18 x 14 Mesh
PHIFERGLASS Fiberglass 18 x 14 Insect Screening   Phifer is the leading supplier of fiberglass insect screening materials used for pool and patio enclosures.  Designed specifically for pool cage applications where extra strength, small insect prevention, and reduction of wind blown debr..
Phiferglass 18 x 16 Standard Mesh
PHIFERGLASS Fiberglass 18 x 16 Standard Insect Screening    Made in the U.S.A, Phifer’s quality insect screening for windows and doors emphasizes outward view, allows for better airflow and ventilation, and provides protection from pesky insects. Phiferglass, Phifer’s trademarked fiber..
Phiferglass 20 x 20 Mesh
PHIFERGLASS Fiberglass 20 x 20 Tiny Insect Screening     This fiberglass screen is a tightly woven 20 x 20 mesh designed to keep out smaller flying insects (no-see-ums). While densely woven, this screen still allows good ventilation and visibility and provides some daytime privacy...
Phifertex Mesh
P H I F E R T E X  S T A N D A R D   M E S H This selection of woven vinyl-coated polyester fabrics are rugged enough to handle outdoor applications in any weather, with a durability and long life expectancy for limitless applications.  Phifertex mesh is resistant to mildew, sta..
SunTex 80 / 90
            SunTex is a unique woven mesh that can block 80-90% of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your window. Perfect for outdoor blinds and sun shading applications, SunTex 80/90 fabrics can be used for your patio, motorized shade, patio shades, or canopy. S..
SunTex 95
        SunTex 95 exterior shading fabric is perfect for any outdoor application. Whether you use them for outdoor sun shades, roller shades, window awnings, or rollup shades, SunTex 95 offers supreme durability and style. SunTex 95, engineered for exterior roller shade applic..

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