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Apollo 2028 - Cyberbond Adhesive
Apollo 2028 is a single component medium viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive.  Fast setting and ideal for rubber and plastic bonding applications. Apollo 2028 is recommended for use with Makrolon AR2 and Stamoid PVC's. Available in 20ml and 50ml bottles Download: Technical Data Sheet Note: It ..
Fineline Cord
F I N E L I N E   B R A I D E D   M A R I N E   C O R D Fineline Marine has been designing and manufacturing world class cordage products since 1937.  Made in New Zealand, Fineline Marine has continued to produce cordage at the highest standards with the finest qu..
Keder Solutions
         What is Keder? Keder consists of two parts: a core and fabric. The core is made from extruded PVC, or another elastic material, to allow flexibility. The core is then wrapped in Keder fabric, which has exposed fibers on the outside to allow the Keder to eas..
A lightweight semi-transparent PE fabric. PE Patterning can be used for patterning and wrapping. It is not UV stabilised. TYPE WEIGHT WIDTH ROLL LENGTH Pattern XX 102gsm 183cm 91.44m Pattern XX 102gsm 366cm 45.72m Translucent 180gsm 183cm 50m White 180gsm 183..
Stamoid Edge Binding
S T A M O I D   E D G E Double Fold binding is made from Stamoid Light 4128 composite textile.  FEATURES: Genuine bias cut at 45° Heat-folded hems on each side Fabric edges are protected against wear and moisture penetration Extremely supple and malleable, it hugs any shap..
Sunbrella Centrefold Binding
S U N B R E L L A   C E N T R E F O L D   B I N D I N G Woven using 100% Sunbrella acrylic fibers.  The centrefold binding naturally fold in the centre allowing for an easy application. VIEW SUNBRELLA CENTREFOLD BINDING COLOURS BELOW: {gallery}sunbrella_centrefold_bindin..
Sunbrella Double Fold Binding
S U N B R E L L A   D O U B L E   F O L D   B I N D I N G Made from Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric, this Double Fold Binding give your canvas project the same amazing Sunbrella features:   100% Solution Dyed Acrylic UV and Fade Resistant Mold and Mildew ..
Xtreme Seal
X T R E M E   S E A L   E D G E   S E A L S Xtreme Seal edge seal is a high-tech extrusion, engineered and manufactured with an advanced EPDM material. Xtreme Seal is a closed-cell flexible foam that can be glued on to most surfaces or sewn to most fabrics to provide a..
YKK 9 & 10 Coil Open End Zips
   9 & 10 COIL OPEN END ZIPPERS YKK® 9 & 10 Coil open end zippers are a fine-toothed finished coil zipper with a smooth zip. Coil zippers are stronger and more flexible than Vislon zippers, making them an excellent choice for projects with curves. Use a 9 or 10 Coil Zipper for..
YKK Continuous Zipping
   COIL CONTINUOUS ZIPPERS YKK® Coil Continuous Zippers are a fine-toothed coil zipper with a smooth zip. Coil zippers are stronger and more flexible than Vislon zippers, making them an excellent choice for projects with curves. When used in outdoor applications, we recommend keepin..
YKK Sliders
   S L I D E R S  We stock YKK sliders to fit various YKK zippers. Please refer to pictures and chart below for stocked YKK sliders.  Additional YKK sliders can be ordered upon request.  Please contact us with any queries.   {gallery}ykk_sliders:200::0:2{/gallery} &..
Y K K   S N A D   S T U D Unlike traditional metal trims, SNAD® is a plastic adhesive snap component. This product will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand, or dirt. Plus, walking on SNAD® is pain free due to its unique dome shape. Installati..
YKK Vislon 10 Open End Zips
    10 VISLON OPEN END ZIPS  YKK® Vislon® 10 open end zippers are a UV treated, Delrin zipper. Vislon zippers are made with Delrin plastic teeth molded to the fabric tape edges. This construction makes them strong and practically weather proof, having been designed to re..

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