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Filtration Fabric

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REEMAY Spunbonded Polyester
REEMAY® spunbonded polyester is a sheet structure of continuous filament polyester fibers that are randomly arranged, highly dispersed, and bonded at the filament junctions. The chemical and thermal properties of REEMAY® are essentially those of polyester fiber, and the product's spunbonded structur..
SN 400 Mesh 100% Nylon High Densisty Precision Woven Mesh 106cm width 16 (Mesh count cm) 235 Micron (Yarn Diametre) 400 Micon (Mesh opening) 40% Open area 410 Micron (Thickness) 50m Color: White   Made in Japan                     ..
STS1000 50 Denier Mono Filament Polyester MeshPrecision woven to 183u (Micron) 44" / 111cm 50m Color: White   Made in Japan                                               &..
T15 Porotex
T15 Porotex   Product Details Every single brand of the GUTSCHE porotex® filter media programme stands for an innovative, tried and tested solution for the future. Insiders associate highest quality and efficiency with our products. Dust and flue gases which are harmful to..

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