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Stayput Bungee Loop

The unique Stayput┬« design has many benefits. It is simple to install without the need for any special tools in varying thicknesses of fabric. With a large 22mm diameter backing plug and only needing a 6 mm hole for installation it has a greater contact area with the fabric virtually eliminating the risk of tearing out and damaging the fabric. Brass machine pressed crimps on the cord will not rust or pull off. The fitting can also be removed & re-fitted without damage to the fabric. All these features make the Stayput Loop the best and most versatile on the market.


Product Code    COLOUR/FINISH      SIZE




VB-BL-70 Black 70mm
VB-BLW-70 White 70mm
VB-BL-80 Black 80mm
VB-BL-90 Black 90mm
VB-BLW-90 White 90mm
VB-BL-100 Black 100mm
VB-BL-110 Black 110mm





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